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Scalp Clinix Microbiome Flake Control Shampoo

For all types of dandruff
The formulations with Biotic technology gently remove visible dandruff and support the scalp microbiome balance, which prolongs the effect of Scalp Clinix service in the salon.

Scalp Background
With flaky skin, the regular process of cell renewal and desquamation is out of balance. Newly formed cells reach the surface too quickly and are shed in large clusters of cells - like visible dandruff.

What causes dandruff? About 50% of the world's population has dandruff, which is mainly caused by the microorganism from the genus Malassezia. These microorganisms feed on the sebum on the scalp, causing irritation. As a result, the skin produces more cells that lead to dandruff. Since sebum production and susceptibility are genetic and cannot be easily changed, a treatment that reduces Malassezia cultures is the best option for treating dandruff. 92% of consumers say it visibly reduces dandruff after the 1st application**

Expert Diagnosis

  • dandruff on oily skin (seborrhea)
  • flaky, scaly and larger manifestations of dandruff
  • large pores
  • greasy, oily shine on the scalp

How should skin conditions such as psoriasis be treated?
Many incorrectly diagnosed skin diseases have their origin in dandruff. Psoriasis is one example. It occurs when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a dangerous one and responds by producing new skin cells. Since it is generally a genetic disease, it does not respond to conventional anti-dandruff treatments. Therefore, a dermatological approach is the only solution.


  • Combined with a gentle scalp massage, it immediately provides a soothing and calming sensation on the scalp with a cooling effect.
  • Octopirox acts gently but effectively against dandruff and prevents new dandruff.
  • Helps protect the scalp from external influences.

*Based on a home use test conducted by How-To NPD Consulting LTD in China with 62 participants in April 2021 when Scalp Clinix Oil Control Shampoo and Oil Control Treatment were used together.
*Based on a home use test conducted by How-To NPD Consulting LTD in China with 63 participants in April 2021 when Scalp Clinix Flake Control Shampoo and Flake Control Treatment were used together.


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