Zero Colour Fade! Take a look at our colour-saving tips:

September 20, 2017

Zero colour fade with Schwarzkopf BC Color Freeze 4.5ph home care

Once you have the perfect colour you want to keep it as it is - We have the solution

BC Color Freeze Care

It's the breakthrough colour technology that will protect the vibrancy and shine of your new colour by sealing in the colour pigments throughout the hair structure.  The BC Color Freeze range gives you highly advanced colour retention, keeps your shade flawless and salon-fresh for a few more weeks.




Schwarzkopf BC Color Freeze Range at Eds

BC Color Freeze

Schwarzkopf have developed two shampoos customized to maintain your tone of colour, rich conditioners as well as a thermo-protect leave in cream and lightweight gloss serum.

4 Simple Colour Saving Tips!

  1.  Wait at least 48 hours after a colouring treatment to wash your hair.  Everytime you wash your hair, you open the cuticle - so give your hair enough time to absorb the colour fully.
  2. Use the right temperature!  To keep your hair colour in good condition, always use luke warm water.  Very hot water strips your hair of nutrients and drains out the colour quickly.  We even suggest to finish each wash with a cold water rinse, which will shut the cuticle and seal the out layer for more shine.
  3. Friction can damage your hair's cuticle making it frizzy and leaving the colour lustreless.  Avoid scrubbing the fragile ends and massage gently instead.
  4. Use filtered water.  This may not be an option for everyone, but if there is any chance you can, install a shower filter... do it!  It will remove rust and minerals from tap water, which can dull colour or make blonde tones darker and muffled.

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