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Long Hair Myths & Secrets

October 19, 2019

Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Lengths

Long Hair Myths

SECRET #1: Get frequent trims

Your hair grows approximately 1cm per month – so don’t worry about getting a trim every 8 weeks (0.5cm can be enough) – your hair will get longer and stay beautiful!

SECRET #2: Avoid elastics or harsh hair accessories

Of course, using hair accessories are an easy way to pimp up your hair style or to get rid of annoying strands while being at the gym. But watch out – some of them are sharp-edged and can cause hair breakage, especially on fine hair or when used too often. Wearing a tight ponytail with the help of elastics daily can lead to the same result.

Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Lengths at Eds Hair Bramhall (Manchester) Treatment

SECRET #3: Avoid heat styling tools

Hair outside the skin is protected by the cuticle layer. This layer can be easily damaged by intense usage of heat styling tools that reach more than 120°C, which can result in dull and brittle hair.

SECRET #4: Treat your hair once a week

Even if you follow the above rules, the usage of a treatment once a week is essential to improve your hair’s combability, manageability, softness, resilience and shine!

Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Length at Eds hair Bramhall (Manchester) Root Boosting Serum

SECRET #5: Skip the daily shampoo

If you can’t live without it, bear the following in mind:

Rinse only with lukewarm water and always use a gentle, nourishing shampoo. Treat your hair afterwards with a suitable spray conditioner or treatment by gently working into hair (instead of massaging) to avoid tangling. Rinse off your care regime thoroughly. Don’t rub your hair while drying and leave the hair to air-dry or apply a protection shield before blow-drying at a low temperature.

SECRET #6: Be careful when you brush (especially) wet hair

Hair has a special affinity for water and absorbs about 30% - 40% of its own weight in water. Tests have shown that wet hair is weaker than dry hair and mechanical influences like combing or brushing can damage hair lengths and cause split ends.

Schwarzkopf Professional Mad About Lengths at Eds Hair Bramhall (Manchester)

SECRET #7: Finish your shampooing with a cool rinse

Final rinses using cool water help to close the cuticles, resulting in less frizz and increased shine.


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