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8 Hair Myths!

September 19, 2017

8 Hair Myths

Whether it's a trick from your grandma or a tip your best friend swears by, we're here to bust some of the world's biggest hair myths.  BOOM!

Washing your hair every day will dry it out.

FALSE! Using a shampoo or cleansing conditioner that suits your specific hair type and texture will add moisture and volume as it cleanses

Pluck one grey hair and five more will appear.

FALSE! Only one hair can ever grow out of one follicle.  The rate of greying is down to genes, so whether you pluck them out or not, the numbers are out of your control.  Embrace the silver within!

Brushing hair 100 times a day will make it shine.

FALSE! Excessive brushing can actually damage and weaken hair, making it dull and prone to breakage.

Cut your hair when the moon is full and it will grow faster.

MAYBE! Seems like an old wive's tale but the moon influences so many rythms in the natural world, including plants and even the tides, so why not hair?  Our bodies are made up of 60% water, after all.

Cutting hair makes it grow faster and thicker.

FALSE! Hair growth all happens at the root so, while cutting frayed or split ends may make the hair appear or feel fuller, it doesn't actually change how it grows which is at a rate of about 1.5cm a month

Wearing tight ponytails or buns causes baldness.

TRUE! Pulling hair int tight styles can over time, cause hair loss - the official name is "traction alopecia".  So, relax and choose looser looks.

It's harmful to colour your hair when pregnant.

FALSE! There's no reason why (unnatural) blondes can't dye their hair whilst pregnant! Getting your hair coloured isn't harmful on its own but you do have to be careful about inhaling chemical fumes.  Speak to your colourist about the best way to do it.

Rinse your hair in beer to make it more beautiful.

DEPENDS! If you like your hair a bit fuller yes, because after the liquid evaporates hops and barley coat the strands, but it does come with a very distinctive smell!

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