Montibello Morphosse Shampoo 300ml

Shampoo which is especially suitable for the care of smoothed hair at home. With OLEO KERATIN TECHNOLOGY and formulated, additionally, with a micro-emulsion of vegetable oils and cleansing active ingredients of a natural origin; it has a high conditioning effect and is SULPHATE-FREE.

Apply the product on wet hair, massage in, allow to act and rinse thoroughly. Paraben-free.

OLEO·KERATIN TECNOLOGY. Our technology combines three types of elements

  1. GLX: A natural hydroxy acid which is to be found in green fruits, young leaves and in the mushroom micelles.
    • Acts by creating new bonds in the keratin proteins, giving the hair body and rigidity without breaking their strong bonds.
    • Additionally, it nourishes and restores the hair fibre, helping to keep the hair smooth for longer.
  2. Natural Keratin specially adapted to integrate with the hair.
    • Acts by filling the holes in the hair keratin chains.
    - Gives the hair fibres consistency.
  3. Argan Oil, which is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 6).
    • Acts by nourishing and protecting the hair.
    • has a lubricating action which minimises the friction between the hair fibres and prevents hair frizziness.
    • It makes the natural movement easier, giving shine and softness.

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