Igora ColorWorx Intense

Experience our most intense and long-lasting direct dyes ever, for bold colour effects that last up to 20 washes*.


IGORA ColorWorx Intense is available in 4 shades. Shades include Coral, Mauve, Turquoise and Fuchsia. No developer required.

Discover the ultra-versatile IGORA ColorWorx colour solutions:

Direct Application – Apply IGORA ColorWorx directly on blonde or pre-lightened hair for bold colour effects for up to 20 washes*

Pastel Mixing – Mix any IGORA ColorWorx shade with the IGORA ColorWorx White Diluter for soft pastel tones

*Depending on hair condition and pigment concentration, colour may last longer

**Please do not mix IGORA ColorWorx Intense direct dyes and/or Igora ColorWorx Pink and Purple with oxidative colours

For instructions for use, please download the technical overview.



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